• I have a dream which posibly can come true if all world comes together with next generation leaders to create synergy for peace, humanity, happiness of human-being, children, and young generations of world without any conflict of interets. We are here to create that...

My name is N. Ozer Senol. I am the Founder and Managing Director of Youth Camp Turkey.

I would like to welcome you in Youth Camp Turkey website.  I would like to ask some basic questions about world, leadership, and humans.

Do you think that “Leadership” is a genetic inheritance from a source or gained by time and environmental conditions?

Do you think you are a leader?

Do you think you can manage a classroom, school, faculty or university, political party, country or the World? Which one you would like to be?

The World is changing spontaneously and inexpugnable. Do you think this change is for good or bad?Do you think we have to adapt this change?

I have got all answers and ready to give you if you join us to create Youth Camp Turkey Alumni in time.

In 2018 summer, We are starting VIP-class summer schools for 18-30 age youth.

If you wonder who I am please visit my resume page.

N. Özer Şenol